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Accounting support
Bookkeeping and reporting
Tax support
Tax reports and reporting
Personnel records
Employment contracts


We are happy to offer you the following range of services:

  Accounting support including setting up and keeping accounts and reporting for individual entrepreneurs and LLPs.

  Reconstruction of accounts for individual entrepreneurs and LLPs.

  On-line consulting on issues pertaining to accounting.

  Developing and writing accounting policies.

  Full services for primary documentation in the 1- database (income and expense reports, salary reports, advance pay reports, accrual of depreciation, etc.)

  Control over the availability of mandatory documents (insurance, accounting records, etc.)

  Preparing and submitting statistical and financial reports (accounting records).
  We provide:

  Tax support,
in particular, tax accounting and reporting, preparing, developing and composing tax accounting policies.

  Preparing and submitting all tax and statistical reporting forms.

  We also provide tax analyses of reviews of transactions and preliminary tax audits.

  We submit applications to the Tax Administration. We notify clients of tax payment deadlines.

  We prepare and send declarations to tax authorities and responses to notices from Kazakhstan's Tax Administration.

  We perform tax control for personal accounts.
Our services include:

  Personnel records,
in particular the issuing of orders, concluding individual employment agreements, and staffing records.

  Preparing salary and advance payment reports.

  We provide consulting on labour legislation.

  We build partnerships for the long-term and bear full material liability for accuracy.

  We are happy to work with you and are ready to provide our qualified help in any area of the range of services we offer.